Product Center

  • Built Year: 1992
    Location: Songyang Industrial Zone, Lushui
    Total area: 80,000m2
    Production Equipment:
    1) Cold drawing machine of with a diameter of φ830mm and a drawing force of 1,000 tons
    2) 39 cold drawing machines with the drawing force ranging from 10 tons to 1,000 tons (among them, there are 9 cold drawing machines with the drawing force above 500 tons)
    3) Cold rolling equipment including LG-110H, LG-90H, LG-60H, LD-60, LG-30H and LD-30H model cold rolling units
    4) 3 advanced gas producers, 3 large-scale automatic solid solution annealing furnaces, 8 straightening machines of different specifications, 35 small and large crossbeam hoisters and 5 lathes for mold machining to manufacture all kinds of non-standard stainless steel tubes with special wall thickness.
    Inspection Facilities:
    1) Spectrum analyzer, 4XA metallographic microscope, chemical analyzer, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, nondestructive flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, hydraulic tester.
    2) Our physical laboratory is provided with Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers sclerometers, ultrasonic thickness gauge, WE-600 universal tester, XTTstereo microscope, T21 spectrophotometer, SXE-5-1 2 chamber type electric resistance furnace, TS323A photoelectric analytical balance, WT-2216C digital temperature controller, intergranular corrosion tester, universal material tester and other advanced inspection appliances, which can meet inspection demands according to steel tube standards of different countries.