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With the popularity of smog, more and more "model emperors" were born. In the thick smog, a person walking across from him looked like an actor who had returned from the disaster scene. It seems that all kinds of disinfection masks have become a burden on people, not only weight but also beauty.

1. Value is very important

Although most of us do not rely on face to eat, the role of Yan value in one s life is obvious to all. Coquetry with high face value is called "cute", coquettish with low face value is called "disgusting"; wearing high home value clothes with a high face value is temperament, and wearing home clothes with low face values is called "no trimming." .... Full of malice, but no one can blame anyone, because the ancestors have long given a fully reasonable explanation-"Everyone has the heart of beauty", "there is also food."

The Chinese like the hazy beauty, and everyone likes the feeling of "still holding the pipa half-covered." The half-covered half-covered attraction is often more attractive than the full exposure, and wearing a mask can achieve the same effect. Wearing a mask can hide two-thirds of the persons face, leaving only the flickering big eyes talking outside, but the eyes are the windows of the soul. According to the survey, many people think they look more beautiful after wearing a mask.

Not only is the face value of the person important, but the face value of the mask is also important. Even if you look as beautiful as Lin Qingxia, wear a face mask like a pig s nose, where can you be beautiful?

2. "Efficacy" is important

Masks have now become a necessity for people s daily lives, and are closely related to people s lives: cleanliness, cold, wind, sandstorms, sun protection, etc., masks can be seen in various situations. Of course, the most important occasion is when the smog is coming. It is really a big mask on everyone s face. When walking on the street, they dare not say hello casually, because the recognition rate is too high with only two eyes.

Just as a doctor s job is to save lives and help wounds, a mask s job is to escort human health. No matter what kind of mask, "curative effect is very important." The mission of the mask is to protect human health. If it fails to achieve its protective effect, its meaning of existence will be lost.

Of course, not all masks can help us resist the attack of smog. You know, 0.5 micron particles or even smaller particles, ordinary masks can t stop them at all. Only professional PM2.5 protective masks can isolate them from the human body and protect your health.
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