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Don't hurry to roll your eyes and say who doesn't know the way of health these days! Eating organic vegetables and fruits and paying attention to quality of life ... In fact, it is far from enough! Paying attention to "internal causes" is one thing, and it is also necessary to guard against "external causes", such as smog! You need to know that it's not possible to escape the haze by hiding in the house. Looking back, how many times have you seen the blue sky in the past few years? You have to go outside. How to prevent the invasion of haze when going out? Of course, wearing a mask, you have to wear a mask with a safety index of five stars. Only in this way can we be healthy for a season.

Masks are very common. They were once regarded as "labor insurance" and were frequently distributed. But if you let it PK smog, there is still a distance. After all, The"labor insurance"issued are mostly made of cotton cloth, and the fiber inside is still very thick, making it difficult to filter out tiny particles in the air. To deal with smog, it is still necessary to choose a professional mask that has passed the national safety certification and has a dust-proof and anti-bacterial effect, such as the mask with the electric breathing valve.

With these little tricks, you can pick out the mask that suits you in minutes.

There are too many types of masks, which are dazzling. Learn a few tricks from Tantu mask experts and select the one that suits you in minutes. First, we must judge from the color and smell. Pure color, odorless masks are more are more healthy than the ones with gaudy printings. Although the printing and dyeing masks look beautiful, they are rich in chemical fiber materials and will stimulate the bronchial tubes. If asthma patients wear these masks for a long time, it may worsen their condition. In addition, the various patterns printed on the mask will also affect the breathability. Secondly, when wearing a mask, you must remember to choose a mask that fits the contours of your face, especially the one with a nose bridge design, like a professional mask for Tantu, which is more comfortable to wear.

Comfortable in the end, healthy in the end!

Whether it's comfortable or not should be a hard standard for you to choose a mask. If you're afraid you don't know how to do it, you can ask a professional.

It's not good to wear masks for a long time.

Wearing the mask correctly can greatly reduce people's risk of disease. But it should be noted that unlike other single products, masks can't be worn at any time and at will. Wearing a mask for a long time may make the nasal mucosa vulnerable and destroy the original physiological balance of the nasal cavity. For the sake of health, you can wear the mask according to the professional opinion of the exploration mask: under normal circumstances, you can wear the mask for 2 hours a day for 20 consecutive days, and you can wear it for 40 hours in three months.
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